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Electel Services

We are Supplier, Repairer, Maintenance, Consultancy Services Provider of Electrical Turnkey Projects, LT (Low Tension) Panels, HT (High Tension) Panels, Electrical Consultants Or Electrical Consultancy, Electrical Maintenance Work, Electrical Project Design, AMC Services, Annual Maintenance Contracts, 11/22/33 KV Substations, 400/220/132 KV Substations, HT (High Tension) / LT (Low Tension) Lines / Cables, HT, LT Cable Fault Finding Location Services, Fault Finding, Maintenance Free Earthing Solutions, HT / LT Cable Testing, Pin Point Faults, Relay Testing (On Request), Earth Resistance Testing, Transformer Testing, Harmonics Analysis, Energy Audits, High Tension Switchgears, Low Tension Switchgears, Vacuum Circuit Breaker Testing, Air Circuit Breaker Testing, EPC Services And Our setup situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Embark on a Transformative Journey with our comprehensive suite of Electrical Turnkey Projects, Electrical Execution, EPC ( Engineering, Procurement, Construction ) Services, including LT Panels, HT Panels, and AMC Services. Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, India, We transcend conventional boundaries, offering a symphony of innovation and reliability in every electrical endeavor.
In the vast canvas of Electrical Turnkey Projects, we redefine the norm, seamlessly weaving concepts into reality. From precision Electrical Execution to end-to-end EPC Services, our commitment radiates through every wire, ensuring projects are not just completed but are elevated to the pinnacle of efficiency.

We undertake Services regarding the Plant Execution for our clients